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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Making Mary Annette Part III

In the last 2 posts, I have detailed the process of building a puppet for Point University's upcoming show, "Nunsense".  When last we left, Mary Annette was stitched and glued but lacked a costume or the little details that would really make her come alive.  This week I want to show you what we did to make her ready to take the stage.

For her face, we all felt she needed something to give her a little more personality.  Bonnie had previously suggested eyelashes, so I grabbed the scissors and started snipping away at the black felt I had left over from making her pupils.  It took some doing to get them to match but with a little bit of glue, she was looking fabulous:

However, her mouth still needed something.  Mary Annette is quite gabby, so her mouth needed to be a focal point for her face.  Using the craft foam I had used for her tongue, I cut out a pair of bright red lips, trimmed them a little here and there, used a red marker to give them some shading around the edges, and glued her smackers into place.

At last, Mary Annette had a face we were proud of.  Bold and expressive, she was ready to shoot off those one-liners she's famous for in the show.  All she needed was a proper nun's habit, which Bonnie was able to provide.  A mini version of what she was already working on for the other sisters did just the trick:

Ta-da!  Mary Annette was ready to perform.  Dressed for success with her face in place, she will light up the stage!

"Nunsense" will be performed March 16-18 in West Side Chapel in East Point, GA by the Point University Signature Players.  For ticket information, call 404-669-2021 or email  For directions, go here.         ~Ellie, Seasoned Veteran Puppet Artiste

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