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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Making Mary Annette Part II

So, last week I told you about my first steps in creating the Sister Mary Annette puppet for Point University's production of Nunsense.  However, she still didn't have a working mouth or a face.  Let's get that mouthboard put in so she can do what she does best--speak her mind!

Creating the mouthboard was very easy.  After gluing some black felt down to a rectangle of cardboard that I cut from a box of Capri Suns (drinking all of the Capri Suns was the hardest part), I folded the cardboard in half (felt to the inside) and rounded the corners, making the lower lip almost a triangle shape.  I used rubber cement to glue the felt because it has a good, strong bond and can easily be spread over a large area.  My rubber cement came with a brush, but if yours doesn't, a sponge brush works nicely.  I also added a tongue cut from red craft foam.  For an easy tongue shape, cut out a heart and round out the point.  Rubber cement works well to glue down the tongue as well.

Now I was ready to insert the mouth board!  I slipped it into the opening I'd cut in the face and hot glued it in place by folding the edge of the fabric and gluing it around the edge of the mouthboard:

The eyes came next.  I used styrofoam balls which I cut in half.  I covered them in white felt, added black felt dots for pupils, then used some of the fabric from the body to make eyelids.  Another half a ball covered in the body fabric made a nose.  Hot glue secured everything in place.

 Once her face was on, I added stuffing to her head to give it shape.  Foam rubber holds it's shape the best but I ended up using fiber fill just out of necessity.  Maybe my next puppet will have the head stuffing he/she deserves.

She was nearly done!  She had all the essential parts, but apart from being bald and naked, she still needed some finishing touches.  Next week, I'll show you how I added details to her face and how Bonnie gave her a nun-tastic ensemble.  In the meantime, get creative, people!  Post a picture of your own puppetry.  And check out last week's post if you missed the early stages of Mary Annette's creation.                ~Ellie, Slightly Experienced Puppet Artiste

She already looks sassy, doesn't she?

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