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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Winding the Works (Again)


Well, the ClockQuirks blog has been off the grid for a while, but we're back!  A lot has been happening and we want to share some of the exciting things going on behind the scenes that will have a big impact on the look and content of our shop in future.  Here's what we're up to:

New (sort of) Faces

Jason, son to Bonnie and brother to Ellie, has come aboard in a more fully integrated capacity.  While Jason has always helped out with the web design and site upkeep, he's getting more involved than ever to get things running smoothly as well as bringing a lot of new creative ideas to the table.  Which brings us to...

New Website

We are working on launching a brand new website at our newly acquired cyber premises,  Our virtual shop window will have a fresh look, friendlier navigation and an onsite shopping feature that will allow you to purchase straight from us, no Etsy needed.  We are still maintaining an Etsy shop, however, so with all of this available "shelf" space, we're going to need...

New Products

The creative ideas are flying around here.  Jason and Grady are working on crafting some new geekery (can you say originally designed lightsabers and wands, anyone?) while Bonnie is adding custom costumes to her repertoire (like a commissioned recreation of Princess Anna's traveling dress from Frozen; a photo shoot is forthcoming!).  Ellie is designing some new steampunky fingerless gloves and re-imagining some popular designs, like our Doctor Who-inspired pearl choker.  Bohemian brides can expect to find some lovely things to make their special day fit their personal style as well.  But these items aren't limited to our internet shops. We also want to have...

New Festival and Convention Appearances

We would really like to crank up the number of "personal appearances" we make this year, so we're looking at festivals and craft fairs throughout the spring and summer as well as the fall.  We have this crazy dream of having a booth at DragonCon this year, which would be incredible.  Kind of like the mother ship calling us home!

So that's what's new with us, ClockQuirkians.  If you have any suggestions for craft fairs in the metro Atlanta area or ideas for costumes or other creations that you would like to see us realize, please comment!  We LOVE a challenge. 

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