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Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday's Muse: Rain, rain, don't go yet!

It's raining here at ClockQuirks headquarters, and though I don't necessarily like slogging around in it outside, rain makes for great inspiration from indoors.  Here are a few photos I found that have inspired me to design some new projects.  Being a jewelry artist and a passionate lover of crystals, all my inspiration seemed to bend in that direction.

Crystal drops, anyone?  I love the idea of deep blue and clear crystals.  Maybe a crochet necklace?

I can't decide what this makes me want to create yet, but I know it needs to be something.  Again, the raindrops are crystals to me.

This definitely a wirewrap something waiting to happen.  Copper wire is my favorite but I believe silver is in order for this one.

Hopefully I'll be posting Wednesday in the Works entries of my new work before long!

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