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Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday's Muse- Alice Through the Looking Glass

I have loved "Alice in Wonderland" ever since I was a child and have always found it inspiring. When I got older, I read the second book, "Through the Looking Glass", and discovered a whole new world of inspiration. Many artists have adapted it into their own mediums, and as I've learned and developed as a fiber artist it only seemed natural that I would translate this well-loved world into my medium as well. For Wednesday in the Works I will have some pictures of the project I have in process, but for today I just want to show you the book illustrations that have inspired me most.

I love this picture of Alice traveling out of our world and into Looking Glass Land, out of the normal and into the fantastic.  These illustrations have such wonderful detail, like the fact that the Looking Glass mantel clock has a face.

While "Alice in Wonderland" features a playing card theme, "Through the Looking Glass" sets it's story in a giant chess game.  I'm not a very good chess player but there is something tantalizing about a chess world, especially when the pieces have such distinct personalities.

Ah, the Red Queen!  Quite an enigmatic figure.  You're never really sure where she stands or what she's up to.

Alice hopes to cross the board and become a queen, but it might not be all it's cracked up to be...

If you've never read this delightful story, I highly recommend it.  I'm crafting some queenly accessories inspired by this book and I hope to come up with more drawn from other parts of the story.  What could you do with a Jabberwock, I wonder...

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