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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Klondike Krafts - Hawkeye's Bow

Greetings, CQers young and old!  On Thursdays the blog is invaded by Klondike, our resident advocate for young crafters.  Here is a project he came up with himself for all you superhero fans.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably noticed that Marvel's the Avengers is kind of a popular movie right now.  We picked up our copy of the DVD+BluRay combo pack on Tuesday and have watched it twice already.  Klondike is a HUGE fan of the movie and it's characters and while he has an Iron Man helmet and a Captain America shield, he doesn't have any of Hawkeye's awesome archery equipment.  To remedy this, he pulled out his favorite craft supply, a pizza box lid, and started crafting.  Here's what you'll need:

Pizza box lid or other cardboard (you could also use foam core board)
Stuff to decorate it with, like markers or paint
A grown up


1. Sketch out the shape of your bow with the pencil.  You'll need to make each end wide enough that you can cut a slit in it for the yarn.  We found that sketching corner to corner gave us the most room.  We also Googled images from the movie as a guide.
 2.With an adult's supervision, cut out the bow.  We used our kitchen scissors because they're much sturdier than our "regular" scissors.

3.  Cut a slit at each end for the "bowstring" (yarn).  Tie a loop at the end of the yarn and slip it over the end and down into the slit.  Do the same at the other end, measuring your yarn carefully so that it will be taught when you're done without bending your bow (which is not the sturdiest).
4. Now to decorate!  Klondike was home sick from school this day and by the time he got it all finished, he was ready to lay down again and not feeling like decorating.  Maybe tomorrow!

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