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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Winding the Works

Congratulations!  You found your way to the ClockQuirks blog.

Whatever in the world is ClockQuirks?  Well you may ask.  Sometimes I think even we don’t know.  ClockQuirks is, technically, a business.  We make things and then sell them.  But more than that, it is the outpouring of a desperate need to make something with your own hands, preferably after being made up out of your own head, shaping it and tuning it until you have something beautiful and self-expressive, and then finding that somebody else feels it expresses themselves, too.

We are starting ClockQuirks because we love to see ordinary things turn into something unique and special.  Bonnie once said that you know you’re an artist when you look at something you created and think, “Wow, just a little while ago this was nothing but ‘stuff’”.  I know exactly what she means.  Even before that happens, there’s an exhilarating moment (or several) when you’re still working on it and you think, “This is going to be good”.  And to top it all off, if it really is good, you pick it up the next day and you still think, “Yep, that one’s a keeper” (unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen—occupational hazard).

Sure, we've started a business because we want to make more money.  But we started this business because we’re total creative junkies, “hooked on the feelin’” you get when you turn “stuff” into art.

--Ellie, Maîtresse de Crochet

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